Welcome to the vomitorium

In this blog, I post verbal vomit. Steer clear of the splash zone.

I also tend to spoil the shit out of the things I talk about. So, you know. Look out, and all that.


Twin Spica and the Importance of Enjoying the Moment

I would have expected Twin Spica to be about the importance of having a dream and looking to the future. However, it unexpectedly turned out to be more heavily invested in telling the audience about why they should enjoy every moment and make as many memories as they can.

On FromSoft Games and Accessibility

I know, I know. Smarter people than me have already beaten the stuffing out of this particular dead horse, and this article is about a month late to be the slightest bit relevant. But despite that, this topic has been eating away at me for quite a while now.

So here we go. One big rant to get these feelings out of the way.

Major 2nd: Spreading the love

Major: Ball of Friendship was good. If you were already invested enough in Major to watch the movie, then you’re not likely to have any complaints about the kind of story it tells by now. The movie covers a tragic chapter in Goro’s life, one we only hear of in the anime but never actually […]